Back to it!

The holidays and volunteering during August seem a long time ago as I’m writing this on a miserable rainy Septemeber day, wishing to have a little bit of the summer weather back! But just last week I did get some pictures printed and organised into an album as people had been asking and wanting to see them…

September has been a busy month! Confirmation Preparation has been taking place in Runcorn since July and we had the last few sessions before the Mass of Confirmation with Bishop Brian just last week You’d think it would be easy to get a group of teenagers to all look the same way at the same time…but no…worse than the little ones! But here most of them are with Bishop Brian after the Mass. A couple had already left.

As I’ve said baking is one of my hobbies so when Matthew wanted to host a cake sale at St. Michael’s to raise money for his trip to the Holy Land with the Diocese – I was more than happy to help and support him! With the great support of the Parishes of St. Michael and All Angels and St. Joseph’s we managed to raise £183.05! Then more money was raised with a ‘Guess the Number of Sweets’ after Masses the following week. It’s great to have so much support for our young people!

In between meetings, cake sales and Confirmation preparation and Mass I’ve also had a team formation day and went along to the Chaplains meeting. Both good times to reflect and to find out about new resources that can be adapted for the Parish.

In Runcorn, it was great to see our servers enrolled into the Guild of St. Stephen – most of them have been serving for quite some time now and even before I became youth minister I’ve known them all and helped them.

The month ended with a very wet BBQ at St. Michael’s to celebrate their patronal Feast day – this time last year it was my first official event how time has flown! Despite the weather, the BBQ was fired up and parishioners gathered to celebrate. Space was set aside for the children and young people as they coloured, made bracelets/necklaces and played various games. It was a great afternoon.

After all that excitement, I was off to Liverpool to celebrate my brother’s birthday – it truly was a day of celebration!

To finish September I joined St. Michael and All Angels School as they celebrated Mass for the Feast of St. Michael and to start their new school year, it’s always lovely to join the school for Mass and I’ll be working with them again to celebrate Class Masses again soon!

October is looking like another busy month – I can’t wait!

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