Faith in Action!

Most months are full of working with the Youth as they put their Faith in Action but last month was full of it! There wasn’t one weekend when I wasn’t with young people doing something towards their awards.

The first weekend in November saw the launch of Faith in Action in St. Michael and All Angels and St. Joseph’s with Sandy, the director of the Shrewsbury Youth Mission Team coming to Masses and speaking about the awards.

The next 2 weekends were in with the Youth in Runcorn as they helped at the Parish Craft Fair and then the week after took on ministries at Mass with the Justice and Peace Group as part of their CAFOD ‘Our Common Home’ project within the Parish. Some of them had worked with the Justice and Peace Group earlier in the month to write the Prayers of the Faithful and put together some displays.

The final weekend was National Youth Sunday and at St. Michael’s we truly celebrated! The young people took on various Ministries in Mass after which we finished our Christmas Cards for the SVP, filled two bags for the Charles Thompson Mission Appeal and then went and had lots of fun bowling! There was a girls vs boys competition – the girls won!

In between all the weekends we celebrated Class Masses with Year 4 and Year 6 at St. Micahel’s with more great reading and singing from them all!

I was also fortunate enough this month to help organise the Divine Renovation Connect Day for the North West. St. Maximilian’s was asked to host the event and as part of my role on the Leadership team, I was the person on the ground here as it were to help get things ready. It was an incredible day of networking and hearing lots of stories with about 80 people from 15 parishes in the North West, including as far as Lancaster and Stoke on Trent!

December is looking full with Advent activities and Faith in Action activities already – I can’t wait!

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