Halfway through the year!

Is it just me that thinks this year is going by in a blur? June already! Halfway through the year…at least the sun has been shining…let’s hope it continues!

So May…what was I up to?? Slightly quieter than previous months, but busy none the less!

It started with a meeting with Sandy and Fr. Peter – a chance for them to meet and to think about all that I am doing in Runcorn and what is coming up.

Adoremus took place last September in Liverpool – not everyone was able to go due to limited tickets so we, the Senior Leadership Team in Runcorn, brought the talks to the people as we watched a recording of Bishop Barron talking about ‘The Mass’ It was a great night of community coming together to learn more and share their thoughts.

As you might know, one of my hobbies is walking, I don’t get out enough really but now the Summer months are upon us it should be easier! A family walk had been planned and the Faith in Action group were going along too…sadly clashes with bank holiday and other things meant only one Faith in Action family joined the parishioners but they had a great time. We went to Great Budworth, had a look around the Church there then went through fields to the canal. Parishioners who came along enjoyed being out and about and making new friends!

Each term there is a meeting of the Chaplains from across the diocese. This term it was at St. John Henry Newman Church in Warrington. With SYMT I went along, we had a time of prayer together, a talk from the charity Papyrus and celebrated Mass together – that was just the morning! In the afternoon Mairie, one of the chaplains, shared with us ‘At My Best’ a resource that can be used with staff and young people in many ways! After more sharing of ideas and what is going across the diocese, a prayer ended the day. Below are some pictures of the church.

It was lovely to join the children from St. Michael’s as they made their First Holy Communion! Such a special day for them all. They read beautifully and all looked so smart and grown up. It was great to see some of them back at Mass the following week all dressed up again! Fr. Roger called them all forward and encouraged them to invite a friend the next week – making them into little missionaries! However…it struck me that this is something we should all be doing! So invite a friend to come to church with you next week!

With an International Mass for Pentecost at St. Michael’s I went in to meet with Susan to see what the children could do to get involved.

It was social time at St. Michael’s on the 17th May! I wasn’t sure what to expect at a fish ‘n’ chip supper but it was great! Of course as the night suggested, there was fish ‘n’ chips but also music from Blackthorn Root who also led us in dancing! We side stepped, circled, clapped hands, made arches and had a great laugh while doing it. I wasn’t going to dance but in the end I did and had great fun!

The last two weeks have gone very quickly – with various meetings here and there and with having time off and a bank holiday it’s been tough squeezing everything in and getting everything done.

During my time off I had a trip up to Newcastle for an evening of praise and worship with Matt Maher – if you haven’t heard of him look him up on youtube! It was a great night with a mix of upbeat music and more reflective as we moved into a time of adoration and benediction, followed again by more upbeat music. A bit of a way to go for it but it was worth it!

So, June. Cycle rides, sponsored walk, an International Mass and plenty more to come!

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  1. But Clare doesn’t mention the superb work she does as a member of the parish Senior Leadership Team where she has to keep the two members of the clergy ‘on topic’!

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