Happy 2019!

Another month begins and again I wish you all a Happy New Year! This time it’s the calendar months New Year. How was your Christmas? Mine was fun filled with family! Having young nieces and a nephew means that there is still that magical element to Christmas which I love! We had the full Christmas roast dinner, then after presents and more food we played games – the room was full of laughter and ‘healthy’ competition – a perfect Christmas.

For the last few years, I’ve attended the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass on my own and Christmas Morning Mass with my Mum. On Christmas Eve the children in the Parish always play a part in the celebration and there is always that element of…will they turn up, will they do what they are supposed to?! But it always all goes to plan (ish!) This year was the same – I normally play a big part in organising everything but being between two parishes meant this year the other Children’s Liturgy leaders had to organise it, with me supporting and advising in the background, which felt strange! But as always they were fantastic. Christmas morning was much calmer and another joyful celebration. 

However before Christmas it was a busy Advent! At the end of November, just before Advent began I joined Year 5 and 6 in St. Michael’s while they thought about the coming season and made their class wreaths to use for prayer times. A lovely time of reflection and anticipation ready for the coming weeks with thoughtful answers and ending with a lovely time of prayer. 

A couple of days later with some of the older ones from the Faith in Action group in Runcorn, we were doing some gardening – the car park area was a little overgrown but looks so much better now! 

Back over in St. Michael’s I met with Fr. Chris and we put dates in the diary to start youth activities and also Youth Alpha. From February the last Sunday of the month there will be a Youth meeting, for those in Year 6 and above, and in May we’ll be starting Youth Alpha.  So keep watching the newsletter for more details! As always if you are able to volunteer and help in any way speak to me after Mass or send me an email. 

On a wet miserable Saturday off I went to Speke Hall, with parishioners from St. Maximilian Kolbe. Known for it’s priest hiding hole and decorated for Christmas it was a lovely day…despite the cold and rain.

The Pensioners Party for the Parishes of St. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s meant I could meet more people – it was a great afternoon and I loved helping and being part of it all. 

Since October in Runcorn, we have been running the Alpha course. The team have been amazing and we had our last session in the second week of December. We, Fr. Peter, Deacon Bill and myself (as the Senior Leadership Team) decided to thank the team by cooking a meal for them. Those that know me, know cooking is something I don’t do a lot – baking yes, cooking no. So it gave some people a great laugh that I would be helping to cook for them. Thankfully as a team, the three of us know our strengths so I was mainly tasked with dessert, along with setting the tables! However, the following week saw more cooking as a final Alpha celebration and Film night…this time I prepped the food and made more cakes! 

On the Third Sunday of Advent the Faith in Action Group, with the help of the Justice and Peace Group at St. Maximilian’s, took on extra ministries at Mass as the J & P group relaunched. After Mass, it was all hands on deck as the tree was decorated and the crib was built. The group and leaders, along with a few younger siblings, then had a time of prayer as they completed the Advent Labyrinth around the Church before helping to lead the Advent Carol Service with the Parish – a busy day but enjoyed by all. 

The end of December saw a beautiful carol service led by Key Stage 2 children at St. Michael’s – the singing was lovely and the soloists were amazing! I then visited the Year 6 children in St. Edward’s, St. Clement’s and The Holy Spirit to let them know what is coming up in January.

In the midst of all of this, there was the monthly Parish Pastoral Council meeting at St Maximilian’s, team formation with Catherine, Dave, Sophie, and Grace – the Parish Youth Minister in Wythenshawe.

It’s amazing what you can fit into a month! 

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  1. You could make all the difference in a few minutes Clare. You are always full of the right amount of grace-
    Grace when to listen
    Grace when to advise

    And I treasure your friendship for that.
    Keep up the amazing work! Xx

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