Hello 2020!

Wel.l, a little later than normal but Happy New Year!

Christmas for me was great – a day with immediate family then all the extended family came for a big birthday celebration for my Mum. New Year was quiet but it always is and has been for us.

Advent felt like it flew by last year.

The second weekend of Advent I led a day for the children preparing for First Sacraments in Runcorn. The theme of the day being Advent! (Obviously!) They created Artwork, made mini wreaths, candles to put up in the windows, made and decorated biscuits, learnt a song for Advent and even did some drama! Yes, it was a full day of fun! Thankfully there were other parishioners and catechists who shared their talents for the day coming to do the various activities.

The day after the Young People in Woodchurch helped at the Pensioners Party after Mass. Some helped to set up, others greeted the guests, taking their coats and helping them and then everyone helped to serve food and tidy up! It was a great afternoon and the guests enjoyed seeing the young people getting involved and chatting with them.

Year 3 celebrated their Class Mass in December – it was their first as a class and their reading and singing was fantastic!

The 3rd Sunday of Advent was a day for the Faith in Action young people in Runcorn. They had an arty day creating art for the parish and then they helped to lead the Advent Liturgy of Carols and Readings.

After all that and Confirmation Preparation, it was nearly Christmas!

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