Lent already?!

Wow, February was brief or seemed to be! And now we’re into this great season of Lent. How are your Lenten observances going? Mine, well it takes time to settle into a new routine but I’m getting there!

February was a BUSY month! It started with preparations for a Class Mass, a prayer leaders day and a talk about the Alpha Conference I went to in January,

The Prayer Leaders day was a great day with SYMT at St. Clement’s Primary School Runcorn. The School had invited children from 7 other local Faith Primary Schools and we looked at how they, as children, can lead prayer in their schools. We spent time thinking about the skills needed to do this, like communication and also the practicalities of leading prayer – what they need to include. The day ended with a time of prayer that they had prepared that afternoon.

The Faith in Action group hosted a film afternoon for younger parishioners in Runcorn. A group of 15 young people enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn and sweets as they watched the Lion King and then played a few games.

After that, it was time for the Confirmation Rehearsal in Birkenhead. then 3 days later the actual Mass of Confirmation. 17 young people were confirmed by Bishop Mark and I’m sure they won’t forget it in a hurry after a lighting issue meant an electrician was scurrying back and forth across the Sanctuary during the readings and homily. Thankfully though he managed to fix it!

The time came for me and two parishioners from Runcorn to give our talk about the Alpha Conference. Now…this might sound daft but, put me in front of a group of children or young people and I am more than happy to talk to them…put me in front of a group of adults and the nerves really set in! However, somehow I managed to keep them under control and give the talk, which between the three of us, went really well. Phew!

It was great to go along to the Launch of ‘The 99’ in Woodchurch. It was an afternoon of amazing conversations and sharing of faith. This is a really exciting time for both St. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s – if you didn’t make the first session you can always come along to the next one! Check the newsletter for details.

To end half term week in Woodchurch we had a film afternoon. Hotdgs, crisps, popcorn and sweets for all again as we watched the Lion King, plus the odd bit of singing along! It was great fun again!

On Ash Wednesday I was invited to go into St. Chad’s with the local Anglican Vicar and distribute Ashes to the students who wished to have them. We had a time of prayer and then over the course of lunchtime there was a steady flow of young people who came in, had a moment writing a Lenten Intention and receiving Ashes.

Youth Alpha began in Woodchurch with those who were recently confirmed. It was another exciting time to talk about Faith, Our young people played some games and then watched the DVD presentation and had some really good conversations in their groups!

February ended with Year 6 from St. Michael’s coming to help us celebrate Mass with the Parish. They had written a lent promise and they were displayed for all to see. Parishioners commented on how well they read and sang. A great way to end the month and begin Lent!

March….Youth Alpha in Runcorn, Class Mass, The 99 and much more!! Have a joyful Lent!

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