Mud, golfing and birthdays!

Well, July has been another busy month at work and at home!

At the beginning of the month, I helped SYMT lead a day for the Year 6 Children from the primary schools in Birkenhead – a ‘Light of Faith’ day. We started the day with prayer, broke off into groups for workshops which included making an act of kindness card, writing prayers and building churches. There was a time of preparation for Mass before lunch and then after lunch, there was a treasure hunt around the Church before celebrating Mass together. All this plus lots of fun games! It was a great day enjoyed by all!

A couple of days later it was Team Formation day. We had a lovely day of prayer and reflection using various scripture passages and a time to share our success and what we’re looking forward to next year!

The first weekend of July saw an end of year celebration trip to Manley Mere with the Runcorn Faith in Action Group. They had a fantastic time getting wet and muddy – although some said they want to go back when it’s not as dry! Thankfully they all remembered their change of clothes so the cars stayed clean!

The following week I was off to Cheadle with SYMT as we led a retreat day for their Year 7’s – the first of two days. Both days were great as we looked at being Church in the World. We looked at what we can do to make the World better, how our actions affect others, how the economy of the world is not fair and wrote our own Beatitudes. Again there were plenty of fun times included too as well as times of prayer.

At St. Michael and All Angels there were lots of preparations going on for an Ordination! Fr. Owen Gallagher was ordained as a priest for the diocese on 13th July. It was a great day of celebration!

In Runcorn, we invited all Parishes using Divine Renovation and/or Alpha to a Thanksgiving Mass for the all that is happening in the Parishes. It was a wonderful celebration of Mass followed by a time to meet new people and share what is happening in our Parishes…I think I finally got home at 10pm!

July is a bit of a celebration month in the family – we see each other nearly every other day for one thing or another! 2 birthdays and 2 wedding anniversaries plus end of term assemblies for the children and remembering my Dad. Birthdays, naturally mean cake – however, I don’t make my own cake! This year it was made by my mum and split into thirds so Lilly, Amelia and Jack could decorate it! Sugar overload comes to mind!! I then made Amelia’s birthday cake – she wanted pom poms for her cheerleading but despite multiple attempts, it just wasn’t working so I did something else, which she was made up with!

It was time for our end of year trip in Woodchurch the following weekend! We went to New Brighton and played Crazy Golf then had some chips! A great day! Girl Power came through as overall I won for the adults and Chrissy won for the young people!

The end of July was planning for September onwards! Lots of exciting things to come.

As for August, I’ll be away with 20 of my family and also volunteering in Santiago de Compostela! So a busy month still but in different ways and some relaxation!

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