Plenty going on!

Another busy month has gone! Not only have I been busy at work but last week I moved house too! After a whirlwind 2 weeks of finding, buying, selling before Christmas the big task since then has been sorting and packing. I’ve had to be ruthless with everything – I’ve never filled so many bin bags in my life! It’s been hard to do and leaving the house I have grown up in has been emotional.

But back to work, February has been an exciting month!

At the beginning of the month in Runcorn we started Alpha Youth Series. It follows the same model as the Alpha course – food, DVD and discussion except the discussions happen at various points throughout the DVD instead of at the end of the DVD. So far the discussions have been amazing and it’s really encouraging that the young people attending have been so engaged and already built up a relationship of trust with the other youth in the group and the adults helping – they have been really honest with their opinions and answers.

I went into St. Michael’s Primary School at the beginning of the first week to work with Year 3 to plan their Class Mass. It was lovely to meet them all and they were so enthusiastic! We practiced their readings, sang the Gloria and also did some artwork so everyone contributed in some way to the celebration of Mass. It didn’t look like much until it was revealed to them on the day of their Class Mass…

The rest of the first week was spent with the Senior Leadership Team and a Parish Pastoral Council member at the Divine Renovation Conference in West Bromwich. We had a meeting on the Wednesday evening with Ron Huntley who was one of the key note speakers for the conference so spent Wednesday getting there and discussing our ideas and working out what we’d like to ask him so that we made the most of the hour we had with him as we wouldn’t be getting this opportunity again anytime soon as he lives in Canada!

Thursday and Friday were conference days with over 400 people attending including Arch Bishops, Bishops, priests, deacons, sisters and lay leaders, mainly Catholic but other denominations too. We all came away literally buzzing with so many ideas and plenty to talk about! As a Senior Leadership Team we sat down for about 4 hours the following Monday to go over everything and share thoughts and plan where we were going next.

Later that week Year 3 at Saint Michael and All Angels celebrated their class Mass with parishioners in Church. They had worked hard since I saw them learning their readings and hymns to sing. Their jigsaw had been put together and they loved it.

The next class Masses are in March with Year 4 and Year 5.

I was invited by St. Michael’s Ladies group to do a talk about me and my job. So put together a talk about myself – hard to do when it comes to it, thinking about what to say and what not to say. It was lovely to meet the ladies and to hear from them the following weekend that they enjoyed the talk.

In Runcorn, we had a fundraiser for the Faith In Action group in the form of a quiz night! Just over 50 people turned up and we raised just over £300 for them – this will be used to subsidise attending diocesan/national events and trips out too. Thank you to everyone who came!

Last weekend it was the first youth event at St. Michael’s…pizza and games. A chance to meet new people, get to know them and have some fun. The group came up with some great ideas of what other things they would like to do over time too. We ended the afternoon with a challenge – who can build the tallest tower with 5 pieces of paper and sellotape – nothing else allowed although 1 of them wanted to use a piece of leftover pizza in some way! It ended up being boys vs girls and the boys won!

So that was February – a short month with various other meetings of Pastoral Councils and different teams I’m part of. Here’s to March, which will start very early tomorrow (2nd March) as the coach leaves at 5am to travel Wembley for Flame! So if I look tired during the week…you know why!

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