Spring is here…

…and as I’m writing this don’t my eyes know it! Itchy and watery…time for the eye drops!

April started with various meetings, including meeting Reuben, one of the newly appointed Diocesan Missionary Catechists. He came to meet us and tell us about his role in the diocese and a little about what is coming up. It’s all very exciting!

In Runcorn we came to the end of our Youth Alpha – the conversations with the young people have been great and it’s been encouraging to hear them express their own thoughts and opinions about faith.

The Faith in Action group met to have a time of prayer and to do some art work. The group used various depictions of the Stations of the Cross to collage box templates which were then put together to make a final piece of art. After our art the group walked the Lenten Labyrinth, giving them a chance to reflect upon Jesus’ journey to the Cross.

The final piece of work was stunning and was finished in time for Holy Week.

It was lovely, after Palm Sunday to start Holy Week with Parishioners from St. Michael’s, St. Joseph’s and other local parishes at the Seder Meal. We followed the set ritual of asking someone to be ‘mother’ and light the candles, one of the children asked the questions while different adults answered, then we opened the door to welcome in Elijah. In between all this we ate foods which symbolised different things for example the bitter herbs dipped in salt water representing the tears shed by the slaves and of course filled our glasses with wine (or soft drinks for the drivers and children) and drank at the appropriate times.

On Wednesday I attended the Diocesan Chrism Mass at St. Anthony’s Wythenshawe. At this Mass, the oils used in the Parish for Sacraments are blessed and Priests present are invited to renew their commitment to their Ministry.

The Triduum started with a meeting with Susan, the Head Teacher of St. Michael and All Angels. We planned more dates for the children to join the Parish for Mass.

I spent the Triduum with the Parish of St. Maximilian Kolbe as a friend was being received into the Church. The Triduum is always a special time and since visiting the Holy Land 7 years ago and seeing the places where Jesus was it is even more special and poignant. The Vigil is the most special for me, especially as a cantor, standing at the lectern and looking out at a Church full of Candle Light.

Easter Sunday was a joyful celebration at St. Michael’s! It was great to see so many children take part in the Easter Egg hunt after Mass too…some eggs had to be eaten quickly before they melted…well that was a good enough excuse for most of the children anyway!

Of course, Easter gave me the perfect opportunity to do something I love…baking! Simnel cakes, cakes to give away as presents and dessert for the family on Easter Sunday!

To end the month we had a film afternoon at St. Michael’s. A family adventure film which they loved – The Lost Medallion.

May sees the beginning of Youth Alpha at St. Michael’s and much more…so here goes.

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